New birch bark painting completed

New birch bark painting completed

Just finished this piece on canvas. It's a painting of birch bark - using acrylic paint, paper, drywall compound, and sewn-on beads. It's called Wiigwaas Naanookaasi (Birch Bark Hummingbird).

I just recently started using beads in my paintings. At first I was glueing them on, now I'm sewing them in. I really enjoy the bead-sewing process. I was inspired by a good friend of mine, Jean Marshall, who is an amazing traditional and customary visual artist. Her beadwork and leatherwork is highly sought after.

This picture was shot close-up so you can see how I used the beads for this work. Here's a link for more pictures of this artwork. Look carefully to see what animal you can spot.

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