Remembering Rick Bartow

Remembering Rick Bartow

This is sad for me... Accomplished and celebrated Native American artist Rick Bartow passed away last month of congestive heart failure. He was only 69. Rick is one of my favourite artists and is a strong influence on my work. You can see this in a piece I did that is in the style of his paintings. It’s called Bear Teaching.

Rick lived and worked in Newport, Oregon, and his richly-styled works are in many U.S. museums. He stayed faithful to his Native roots and community - something that is important to me....more so as I get older.

What really stood out for me was something that was said about him in a 2002 profile by Bob Hicks of the Oregon ArtsWatch. He wrote that Rick Bartow is an artist who knows joy and sorrow. When the two resolve, they find a state of grace.

That has significance for me.


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